Antabuse also known as Disulfiram is used for treating chronic alcoholism. It works by disturbing the metabolism of alcohol. Antabuse by itself does nothing to stop alcohol. It works by way of causing nausea, chest pain, convulsions when one drinks alcohol after taking Antabuse.
Synonyms: Disulphiram

Antabuse Medical Uses

When a person consumes alcohol, body changes it into another toxic chemical called acetaldehyde(this is responsible for hangover symptoms). In absence of Antabuse, body will remove acetaldehyde by oxidizing it into harmless acetic acid. Antabuse prevents the oxidation of acetaldehyde which results in huge acetaldehyde build up in the body and it results in nauseating feeling to the drinker. Due to this feeling, an alcoholic person is forced to leave having alcohol and life without alcohol becomes a habit.

Antabuse Dosage

Disulfiram should be taken as per the dosage prescribed in the treatment plan. One should take it with water. If one forgets to take a dose, it should not result in double dosage the next time.

It has been observed that Disulfiram remains in the body for up to 2 weeks after initial intake. Also, long term effects of this drug are positive since it keep alcoholics away from alcohol and thus drinking problem becomes a problem of the past.

One should not stop taking this medicine without the recommendation of the doctor. There are chances that one may go back to alcohol if a strong habit of despising alcohol is not formed.

Antabuse And Alcohol

It is strongly recommended not to drink any alcohol at least 12 hours before taking Disulfiram. Even medications like cough syrup contain alcohol, therefore, other medication should be consumed with utmost care after taking Disulfiram.

You should share your medical history with the doctor before starting on Antabuse. Since Disulfiram has a very strong reaction to alcohol, you should take care to tell the doctor all the medicines you are taking currently. Some medicines are alcohol based and they will cause problems if taken with Antabuse.

Antabuse Storage and Recommendations

This should be stored away from light and moisture and should be kept out of reach of children. Also, one should always carry an emergency card clearly stating that you are on Disulfiram so that doctors can provide you non alcohol based medicines, if need arise.

Antabuse Side Effects

Antabuse may cause some minor and temporary side effects such as acne, impotence, mild headache. These usually subside after a few days.

If the above symptoms persist and there are other serious side effects such as yellowness of eyes, tiredness, lack of energy, one should seek medical help.

Buying Disulfiram online

Ordering Antabuse online is very easy. Many people are ordering Antabuse online in UK. The online pharmacies do not require any prescription for ordering medicine.

There are many other advantages in ordering Disulfiram online. You can save a lot of money by ordering this medicine online as prices in online pharmacies are always lower as compared to the local shops. Another advantage is that you can order sitting in your home and it will be delivered to you quickly. This also saves you the embarrassing trip to the doctor and the pharmacist.

The process of ordering Antabuse online is similar to ordering a camera online. You just need to visit the website, fill in the order details, make the payment and wait for the shipment. These shipments are completely unmarked and no one can tell about the contents inside.