Citalopram is a revolutionary drug for the treatment of depression disorders in adults. This antidepressant can take a number of weeks before acting, but has proven to be effective and safe for the patient. In rare cases, Citalopram can be used to treat anxiety and diabetic neuropathy.
Synonyms: Celexa

After Citalopram cessation, depression may appear briefly before it disappears completely. Citalopram may also help to treat depressions related to mental complications like maniacal depressive psychosis. The drug is used to manage depression experienced in the depressive stage. Drug properties are independent of food; hence, the patient can take the drug at any time.


The typical Citalopram dose is 20 mg. Many symptoms are treated begriming with this first dose. Hence, the full effects are evident only after one or two weeks of usage. The entire regular Citalopram dose should be taken at the same time. While there is no risk of addiction to this drug, Citalopram cessation should be done gradually – by slowly minimizing the amount.

What Are the Probable Side Effects of Citalopram?

Unlike other antidepressants, Citalopram acts on just a single substance in the human brain: serotonin. That is why users do not suffer from drowsiness after taking the drug. Besides, Citalopram is hot habit-forming so users do not worry about addiction, which is common with other antidepressants. As stated earlier, Citalopram contains antidepressant effects. When buying Citalopram, the online UK physicians will let you know more about the probable side effects of Citalopram. Nevertheless, each customer should know all the probable side effects before placing the order online.

Just a few moderate Citalopram side effects have been reported, including weight gain, weight loss, nausea, insomnia, drowsiness, vivid dreams, and intermittent urination. Less common ones include anxiety, dizziness, headache, blood pressure changes. There is no cause for concern even if such side effects crop up after using the drug, as they will disappear almost immediately. However, if severe side effects occur, be sure to contact your doctor.

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