Ceclor is generically known as Cefaclor. Ceclor is used to treat many types of bacterial infections such as skin infection, respiratory tract infection amongst others. It stops the growth of bacteria. This should not be taken for treating viral infections.
Synonyms: Cefaclor

It is an antibiotic and belongs to a group of drugs known as cephalosporins.

Ceclor should be taken orally with a full glass of water. It is recommended to take it with food or after food. The tablet needs to be chewed before swallowing. It is important to take the medicine at the prescribed time. Antibiotics work best if they have a consistent presence in the body. The dosage should be as prescribed for your treatment. If you have forgotten to take a dosage, do not take double dose. It is better to skip the dose if it is very close to the time of the next dose.

It is possible that the symptoms may subside before the time prescribed by the doctor. This should not be taken as a sign to stop medication. You should continue to take it as prescribed. If you stop it early, there are chances that infection may come back. It should also be noted that repeated use of antibiotics makes them less effective over time.

So, if you stop taking it before the infection is killed completely, chances are that the bacteria may slowly develop resistance to the medicine thus making it ineffective for further treatment.

Always provide your medical history to the doctor. For Ceclor, specifically tell the doctor about any allergies to either pencillins or other drugs in the group cephalosporins.

Since Ceclor is removed from body by kidneys and elderly people have weak kidney functions, it is advisable for elderly people to check with the doctor before starting on this medication.

Ceclor and Pregnancy

Pregnant women should take this medicine only if recommended by the doctor. Since this medicine passes into breast milk, nursing mothers should stop nursing if it is necessary to take this medicine.

Most of the antibiotics do not affect birth control pills, patches and rings but some of them are known to suppress their effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to take adequate precaution in this regard.

Ceclor Side Effects

The common side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headache may occur in a patient who has just started on the medicine. These symptoms usually go away and do not need any medical attention.

If these symptoms persist or you show other signs such as yellowing eyes, new persistent infection , you should get medical help immediately.

Buying Cefaclor Online

Buying Ceclor online is as easy as buying any other good online. It is available in various dosages online.

Buying Cefaclor online has many advantages. First, the medicine reaches you fast. Secondly, you can buy this medicine without any prescription.

If you were to buy this medicine from your local pharmacist, you would need to visit your doctor, get a prescription and then pay an inflated price to get the medicine.

Buying online also saves you from feeling embarrassed. Another advantage of buying Cefaclor online is that online prices are always lower than the local prices. Also, online pharmacies generally give you extra bonus pills on repeated orders. You can also get them shipped at fixed intervals if you want.

These pills arrived in plain unmarked packets and no one can tell the contents of the packet by looking at it, so your privacy is ensured.