Betamethasone cream is a powerful glucocorticoid steroid that has immuno-suppressive and anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike similar drugs that act as topical anti-inflammatories, Betamethasone cream does not cause water retention. The treatment is available in the form of cream, foam, gel, lotion or ointment, and all forms of Betamethasone aim to treat itching and to relieve redness.
Synonyms: Diprolene

Drug Indications

Betamethasone cream is used to treat a variety of skin infections, and some of the most commonly treated infections are ringworm of the body, jock itch (especially ringworm of the groin) or the athlete’s foot.The purpose of this cream is to reduce the redness and the itching caused by skin infection – this is why betamethasone is sometimes used to alleviate the reactions to poison ivy and other plants that resemble it. It can also be highly effective for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis, although you should contact your doctor for further information

How To Use Betamethasone Cream

The patient must properly wash and dry the skin prior to applying the cream, and usually there is no need to apply a bandage over the treated portion of the skin. The cream is solely for external use and contact with the mouth, eyes or the genital area must be avoided – if contact occurs, wash with cool water and contact your doctor right away.

Contraindications And Side Effects

As a topical cream, Betamethasone cream is usually not accompanied by any bothersome adverse reactions – however, an allergic reaction may occur if you are hypersensitive to an ingredient found in the cream. If that happens, stop applying the cream and get in touch with your doctor.

Betamethasone cream must never be used by those who suffer from respiratory inflammatory processes such as allergic rhinitis, and it is also contraindicated for those who are on daily treatment with multivitamins. Sometimes, Betamethasone may be combined with Clotrimazole for the treatment of fungus infection – the first one relieves swelling, itching and pain caused by the infection while the latter kills the fungus and it prevents it from reappearing in the near future.

The cream can be purchased only with a medical prescription from your doctor, and the topical version of Betamethasome cream is available in the form of lotion or in the form of cream, both of them being designed for external use only!

Why Buy Betamethasone Cream Online?

If you suffer from skin infection and you want to alleviate the pain quickly and effortlessly, then you can order this cream on the Internet – you can easily find it available at one of the online pharmacies and drug stores on the Internet, it is a lot cheaper than Betamethasone cream sold in land-based pharmacies, and the most important aspect is that it does not require medical prescription. In other words, buying Betamethasone cream online is not only faster and more convenient for the patient, but also considerably cheaper as well as you can get the cream without even having to leave the home. Besides you can also find the lotion, the foam or the gel online.