One example of a highly versatile drug available on today’s pharmaceutical market is dexamethasone 0.5mg. This drug has a multitude of different uses, and can be applied as a treatment method for a variety of different diseases and conditions. Dexamethasone is part of the glucocorticoid classification of steroid drugs, and when administered orally, this drug has been proven to be roughly 27% times as potent as the naturally occurring hormone known as cortisol. This is good news for patients utilizing this drug, since higher potency often correlates to a more successful treatment method. For the benefit of all kinds of medical professionals and patients, some of the uses of dexamethasone as well as the advantages of buying it online will now be discussed.
Synonyms: Dexone

What is Dexamethasone? Medical Uses

The therapeutic uses for dexamethasone are quite extensive; some of the principle uses are as an anti-inflammatory medication, as an oncological treatment, and as a high-altitude sickness medicine. With regard to its anti inflammatory uses and properties, dexamethasone 0.5 mg can be used to counteract anaphylactic shock which can often be induced by allergic reactions. It can also be utilized as a treatment for a wide range of post-dental surgery inflammations (a wisdom tooth extraction for example) because of the way dexamethasone can alleviate the pronounced swelling associated with oral surgery.

Dexamethasone can also be applied as a treatment for the condition known as plantar faciitis, and this treatment is unique for the way the drug is injected directly into the heel for this particular application of dexamethasone. One additional anti-inflammatory use of this dexamethasone is the administration of the drug to patients suffering from bacterial meningitis prior to being given their antibiotic treatments. This serves the purpose of reducing the anti-inflammatory reaction of the body (this reaction can often harm the patient) that it would normally have to bacteria being destroyed by the antibiotic drugs. With regard to its oncological treatment properties, dexamethasone is often given to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy regimens for the purpose of counteracting certain specific side effects associated with the anti-tumor treatments.

Another prominent use of dexamethasone 0.5 mg is with mountaineers and high altitude dwellers. When climbers venture to extreme altitudes, they risk developing such conditions as high altitude cerebral edema, and/or pulmonary edema. Dexamethasone is often carried along on climbing expeditions since it is so effective at combating against both of these high altitude ailments. Although these uses represent a majority of the scope of dexamethasone’s potential as a drug, it still has so much more to offer even in terms of treating additional diseases and medical conditions.

Side Effects

Side effects with using dexamethasone, like its uses, are broadly varying. This is a drug that should not be combined with many other compounds, such as alcohol or NSAID medications, since these kinds of combinations can increase a patient’s risk of developing certain complications. Some users of dexamethasone may experience night sweating, certain kinds of allergic reactions, upset stomach, psychiatric changes, and some may develop some degree of dependence to the drug.

Overall, this is a highly useful drug, and can be acquired online in the United Kingdom for a very attractive price. Buying your dexamethasone online is a much better alternative to buying it in a store or from a direct retailer, since purchasing online offers much more attractive pricing and convenience for consumers.