Metronidazole is a type of antibiotic that treats bacterial infections of the digestive system, skin, joints, respiratory tract and vagina. Metronidazole is not used to treat virus infections such as flus, or colds. It also has been used to relieve symptoms of Crohn’s disease.
Synonyms: Flagyl


Metronidazole is made in tablet and capsule forms and is used to fight infections throughout the body. Extended-release tablets are made to treat vaginal infections or bacterial vaginosis. The main benefit of this medication is that it stops bacteria from reproducing. This medication has been used very successfully to treat stubborn Helicobacter pylori infections.

When you follow the directions for taking Metronidazole, your infection should start healing right away. Your symptoms could improve before your infection is completely eliminated so it’s important that you finish all of your medication. You need to be aware that this drug can interact with other medications such as blood thinners, lithium, disulfiram, and cimetidine.


Metronidazole tablets come in 250 mg or Metronidazole 500 mg, and are usually taken three times a day. It is suggested that you take the pills with water at meal times. You should not drink alcohol when you take Metronidazole. It’s recommended that you do not double up on doses if you miss one. You should know that if you skip several doses it could increase the risk of future infections being resistant to antibiotics.

Side Effects

Sometimes people can experience side effects, but they aren’t common for the majority of people. The most typical side effects of Metronidazole are stomach upset and nausea. A few people have experienced a metallic taste after they took this drug.

Other mild side effects include skin rashes and excessive itching. More serious adverse reactions can be peripheral neuropathy and convulsive seizures. Individuals that experienced those side effects had been taking prolonged doses of the drug.

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