There are two types of diabetes, type I and type II, each causing uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Metformin medication is given to the patients suffering from type II diabetes. It comes in liquid and tablet form, but the extended release tablet is most commonly prescribed by the doctors.
Synonyms: Glucophage

What is Metformin

Metformin is actually Metformin hydrochloride and contains toluene in addition to 2-cyanoguanidine and dimethylamine. It is most effective in overweight people suffering from type-2 diabetes mellitus and is known to reduce their mortality and other related complications to as much as 30%, when compared to insulin. It does not cure the disease but reduces its intensity and persistence.


Metformin tablets should be taken only with meals, until and unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor. You should swallow them whole, without chewing or crushing them under your teeth. Your doctor can ask you to take one tablet once or twice a day, depending on your body tolerance levels. However, you should try to be regular and never to skip the dose. In case you forget your dose, never try to make up for it by doubling your regular dose as it would become overdose.

Metformin tablets can be given either in isolation or in combination with other medicines like insulin. But, to get maximum benefits, you would also have tofollow your diet, weight loss and exercise programs religiously.

Medical Uses

Metformin, previously known as Glucophage, works by reducing the efficiency of liver to produce glucose. It is especially effective in the conditions where body cells have developed a resistance to insulin. Due to this, the efficiency of Metformin is no longer limited to Type II diabetes, but it is also given in cases of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, premature puberty and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease, where body cells experience insulin resistance. Metformin can also be given to people who fall in the high risk category for developing diabetes, have family history of the disease or are overweight. When taken in prediabetic stage, it can delay onset of the disease or prevent it from developing altogether.

Side effects of Metformin

Metformin is not known to have any significant side effects, if taken properly and in appropriate dosage. However, overdose should be avoided as it might lead to hypoglycemia and/or lactic acidosis. Other side effects may include diarrhea, bloating and gas, but these usually go away in some time. Drinking alcohol while on this medication can also lead to various side effects. Apart from this, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to Metformin or any of its ingredients and consult your doctor before starting the medication.

Benefits of buying Metformin Online

In UK, you can buy Metformin from any pharmacy store, but only with a prescription. However, same is not the case when buying online, as here you can get these tablets even without any prescription. Buying Metformin online in UK can be extremely convenient as there are multiple stores selling authentic medicines at a comparative price. Also, it is cheaper and you don’t even have to bother going out of your home.